Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a unique assisted stretching system based on clinical research. It is performed on a treatment table using soft stabilization straps to hold limbs in place, giving the therapist better control when performing gentle pain-free stretches, and giving the client more comfort and the ability to achieve deep relaxation. Focusing on the fascia and joint capsule areas are the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

FST™ works by moving the joint along with the surrounding tissues to help the fascia and muscles relax at the same time. Unlike some therapies that can be painful in breaking up scar tissue, there is zero pain with the gentle joint stretching, oscillation, and joint traction used in FST™. In fact, you shouldn’t feel any pain at all, just mild pressure as the stretching of the fascia gently breaks up scar tissue and increases the range of motion in injured areas. Almost 50% of our flexibility is locked up in our joints (shoulder, hips, knees), areas a therapist can’t reach with their hands or with other methods of manual therapy. The therapist applies gentle traction to the joint being targeted, opening up the joint and creating space for increased range of motion before taking the limb through the movement pattern, watching for any fascial restrictions. If any areas are restricted it may be intense or uncomfortable. The therapist will work slow through these areas and stay within your comfort zone.

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Some Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy:

  • Reduce and help prevent the risk of injury
  • Improved posture and muscle function, which allows your body to move more freely
  • Improve/Increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce or eliminate pain and soreness
  • Promote development of body awareness, and increase balance and symmetry in the body
  • Enhance physical fitness and performance, and helps to reach fitness goals
  • Improved Recovery and Sleep

Treatment Sessions

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ typically involves weekly or bi-weekly treatments in succession, then tapering off with benefits extended through assigned self-care stretches and remedial exercises. Most courses consist of 3-12 sessions for pain reduction and reduced tension and tightness, or regular semi-frequent treatments for improved athletic performance. A visit with our licensed Fascial Stretch Therapists™ will involve a gentle assessment of your movement patterns, health history, stretch therapy treatment, and suggestions for maintaining your new flexibility. Sessions vary in length from 60-120 minutes. Longer sessions result in the ability to provide a full body treatment in addition to focussing on areas of high tension or tightness, as well as the opportunity to achieve a deeper level of relaxation through a prolonged parasympathetic state, to truly de-stress.


$150 | Initial Assessment (90 Minute)

In your initial Fascial Stretch Therapy™ treatment we will go over your health history, go through a basic, pain-free movement assessment, answer any questions you may have and complete your first FST™ treatment.


$120 | 60 Minute   •   $170 | 90 Minute   •   $210 | 120 Minute

During your follow up treatments we will discuss any changes you’ve been experiencing, adjust the stretching treatment plan and homework stretches if necessary and complete the FST™ treatment. For best results, 3-12 follow up treatments are typically recommended (may vary from person to person).


Our licensed Fascial Stretch Therapists administer the treatment on site. Book your appointment online now or give us a call at 647-946-5075.

If you need an appointment time not listed, please call to book and we will do our best to make it work.

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