Nutritional Assessment and Results


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For: The do-it-yourselfer who wants a quick overview of his/her health based on our Whole Life Balance Nutritional questionnaire.   

What’s Involved: 

Completing our online nutritional questionnaire, which will take approximately 60 minutes (If you are not able to do it in one sitting you may save your results and return back at a later time)

What You Get: 

Once you complete the questionnaire, your results package will be emailed to you almost immediately.  It will include a graph where you quickly can see your areas of strength and areas of your health you may want to concentrate on.   For your ten highest scores, you will receive a summary of what the issue is, what may have caused it, the effects it may be having on your health, and some suggests for foods you can eat and steps you can take to improve your health in this area.