We recently sat down with Giddy Yoyo’s Bridgitte Longshore for a live Q and A session. Here are a few highlights:

How Giddy Yoyo Came About:

The product of an entrepreneurial family and a mom of 4 kids, the idea for Giddy Yoyo came from the lack of clean and responsibly produced but still tasty treats for her kids. As a result Bridgitte started sourcing her own ingredients and making chocolate in her own kitchen. She eventually started giving treats to friends and family in the community before officially starting Giddy Yoyo.

Bridgitte’s Philosophy:

One of the phrases that consistently popped up throughout the interview was “business with integrity.” A self-described “hippie with a business mind,” Bridgitte believes in the importance of authenticity for entrepreneurs and for businesses. She says profit shouldn’t be the final goal – more specifically, profit at the expense of employees, the earth and the environment was not something she wanted to be a part of. Giddy Yoyo is proof that you CAN run a successful business that is as sustainable as possible, that supports its employees and is conscientious of its carbon footprint.

Why Giddy Yoyo Chocolate is so Amazing:

Because it’s healthy! Chocolate is healthy! Bridgitte herself eats about a kilogram of chocolate per week! Because all Giddy Yoyo chocolate is raw and comes from heirloom varieties of cacao, the amount of anti-oxidants in these bars is incredible. The high quality of every ingredient and the rigorous testing throughout processing means every bar that comes out of Giddy Yoyo’s quaint kitchen is free of artificial ingredients, molds and/or fungi that are often found in conventional and even “healthy” chocolate bars. All bars are vegan, free of wheat, dairy, soy and tree nuts (with the exception of coconut) and are actually energizing as the body recognizes and can utilize every morsel as fuel.

WLB Favorites:

Bridgitte riddled off the 69% Sweet Vanilla, 72% Raspberry, 82% Vanilla Salt and 76% Mint as four of the most popular flavors.

Our team here at WLB absolutely LOVE the 77% Chai Spice, 76% Orange, 79% Chaga, the Love Butter and the Red Banana Spears (these look slightly threatening, but you won’t believe how delicious they taste!).

Try it Yourself:

All Giddy Yoyo products are available for purchase online or in select stores in Canada and the U.S. Giddy Yoyo chocolate is available for purchase by the KG and can be used in place of baker’s chocolate or chocolate chips in all your favorite recipes!

What to Watch Out For:

Keep an eye out for a superfood smoothie add-in and more superfood bars in the coming year.

Be sure to check out Giddy Yoyo’s website to see the complete product list and to place orders and stay tuned for more FREE interviews and webinars from WLB in 2016.

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