Stella is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Pilates Instructor (CMR) and Recipe Developer living in Toronto. She graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and was Valedictorian for her class. Prior to entering the wellness world, Stella struggled with disordered eating and digestive issues for years. Eventually, through her love of food, a mindful practice and a holistic approach that taught her how to heal from the inside out, she learned that our bodies were not just meant to survive, but to thrive. She also realized that the healing power of food was a message she had to spread. Now, her mission is to make all of her clients’ journeys towards health happy ones.

Stella’s biggest motivation is seeing the progress of others. She believes that the key to health is helping people find their balance, one bite at a time. She knows that having a good relationship with food starts with a good relationship with yourself – and that everyone deserves to have both. Her clinical practice uses one-on-one counselling to help heal health imbalances and promote self-love. She works hard to make sure every client feels helped and more importantly, heard.

Currently, Stella runs a healthy/organic prepared meal and delivery service in Toronto, Stellar Eats. She sees this as an additional tool to help her clients reach their full, thriving, potential. Her goal is to show clients that the pursuit of health is an empowering journey and that all the tools they need to flourish are already inside of them.