Growing up across Canada, India, South East Asia, and France Sophie was exposed to multiple definitions of wellbeing. Her “hippie” parents raised her with a holistic approach to health and from a young age she was aware of things like yoga, reiki, meditation, acupuncture, and clean eating.

Settling back in Canada permanently to finish high school Sophie excelled in the sciences and moved to Montreal to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Mcgill. Nursing for Sophie has proved the perfect way to combine her compassionate caring nature with her quick scientific mind.

Since graduating Sophie has worked in Emergency Departments in Montreal and Toronto. While she thrives in these environments the daily reminders of the damage living an unhealthy life can cause can be taxing. At Whole Life Balance Sophie gets to be on the other side. She believes strongly that our healthcare system lacks emphasis on preventative medicine and is happy to be part of the alternative.