wlb robin guillen

Robin is a French Osteopath DO (Fr) and graduated from ISOsteo Lyon, one of the oldest osteopathic school in France after 5 years of full time training. He has always been interested in studying health, and the holistic philosophy of Osteopathic Manual Therapy aligned with his idea of what healthcare should be like. He is passionate in his quest to understand the human body and its workings and how osteopathic treatments can influence this complex interactive system. He gained an international osteopathic experience by working in France, Madagascar and Senegal in clinic but as well as a volunteer which is very important for him. He has also been a medical staff member for two professional basketball french teams.

Robin prides himself in taking the time to listen to his patients, physically assessing in order to understand their individual needs. Thanks to his knowledge, he uses many different osteopathic techniques to better respond to patients’ needs and to find the origin of the problem in order to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms.

He works on visceral, musculoskeletal and cranial systems with patients of all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly, as well as athletes and pregnant women.