Since I was young I have always had an interest and passion for health and wellness. I have always tired to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

I played volleyball with the University of Alberta pandas for five years. During this time I completed a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Adaptive Physical Activity. I was also a member of the Canadian National volleyball team for 5 years. As an elite athlete I learned how important it is to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

After retiring from volleyball I returned to Saskatchewan. I completed by Bachelor or Science in Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. I have worked as a nurse in Saskatchewan and Nova ScotiaI. I moved to Toronto three years ago and have been working at a down town hospital on a Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery unit.

Working at Whole Life Balance allows me to incorporate my passion for health and wellness into my practice. I have the opportunity and support to help others live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.