Our digestive, nervous, and hormonal systems were designed to work together to achieve optimum health. This is what our bodies want to do! When we overload them with toxins, unhealthy foods, negative thoughts, and behaviors, these systems don’t work as well as they should and we get sick.

Detoxing brings BALANCE back (ha! Remember, Whole Life Balance!) and helps our systems function properly again. When the body’s systems are aligned, a shift also occurs with our mental and emotional states. We can deal with more when we’re clear and grounded. We can make better decisions, analyze accurately, and see things differently.

Long-term exposure to negativity and toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste) affects our thoughts, emotions, metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease. They are stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years – yikes! – and are responsible for many cancers, neurological diseases, heart disease, strokes… you name it. Our bodies do have a built-in detox function to deal with these dangers, but those systems are constantly overloaded! Detoxing assists and improves what our bodies are trying to do naturally.

Millions of us suffer from what Dr. Mark Hyman calls the FLC Syndrome – the “feel like crap” syndrome. Sometimes it’s annoying little symptoms such as achy joints or muscles, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, allergies or gas, or more serious problems such as autoimmune diseases, migraines, asthma, acne, irritable bowel, reflux, arthritis or worse. You wake up feeling less than vital, vibrant, alive, joyful and full of energy. Even if you are thin but have symptoms of being toxic like fatigue, brain fog, achiness, digestive issues, allergies, and headaches—really any symptoms at all—then detox can help heal you quickly.

Some reasons we want to detox include:

1.  Enhancing our immune system function.

A compromised immune system makes us vulnerable to colds and flus, affecting our quality of life and productivity. Regular detoxing helps strengthen immune system functioning and fights off infection.

2.  Losing weight.

When we say “detoxing” often we think of dieting, hunger, weird food, kale juice and colonics. We might feel better at the end, but wonder if it is really worth the pain and suffering? The thing is, you don’t have to suffer. There’s another kind of detox that’s all about fabulous, delicious food. It’s a new kind of detox that’s a giant jumpstart for your health and a reboot for your metabolism. However, toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are directly linked to weight issues. Detoxing rids the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases metabolism.

3.  Slowing premature aging.

Detoxing rids the body of free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. It helps to increase nutrient absorption, including antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress.

4.  Improving our quality of life.

Simply put, our bodies don’t function very well when they’re loaded with toxins. We may have joint pain, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep problems, and lack of energy. Depression may be eased and memory may be improved as a result of detoxification!

5.  Increasing our energy.

You will have more mental, physical, and emotional energy after detoxing. People tend to sleep better and need less of it.

6.  Improving our skin quality.

Diet and environmental toxins undeniably affect skin. Detoxing improves acne, and strengthens hair and nails, and gives us a natural, healthy glow.


The fun part is that detoxing can be done simply by taking out the bad stuff (negative behaviors, thoughts and emotions; poor food and drink choices; toxins; and some habits) and putting in the good stuff…lots of good stuff. We will discuss the good stuff over the next 4 weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, what sorts of thoughts cross your mind when we talk about detoxing? If you are or have recovered from addiction then this is taking detox to another level.   Are you ready to go there?

As usual, take what you want and leave the rest.




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