Stacy is a certified yoga & aerial instructor, meditation teacher and a Conscious Lifestyle Coach, certified through the Centre of Applied Neuroscience. She recently combined her 2 year love affair with aerial silk acrobatics with yoga, to create her own aerial meditation experience at Whole Life Balance. She is also known through her inspirational and motivational wellness company Irie Soul. ‘Irie’ means to be at peace with yourself and the status quo of your existence.

Stacy is a self-love, self-care advocate. In our fast passed way of life, and through her own past issues with autoimmune health, she promotes the practices of yoga and meditation as crucial tools for managing stress and optimizing our highest potential. She exemplifies that cultivating a healthy mind, body and conscious awareness will lead to more joyful, fulfilling and productive lifestyles. Her practice over recent years has had a life-changing impact not only on her health but on the way she views and chooses to live her life.

Teaching with the practices of self-awareness, mindfulness and naturality, Stacy believes that we each have our own individual formula to achieve greatness. She believes that no two journeys are the same and encourages you to connect with your own innate nature and follow your own unique path.