wlb shane griffin

Shane Griffin, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and founder of Whole Life Balance, took a rather remarkable path to Holistic Nutrition. He was a prominent nightclub owner in Toronto, but after over a decade of living in the fast lane Shane recognized that he was in self destruct mode. Upon selling his properties and nightclubs he sought help by means of treatment at Passages, Malibu. There he was introduced to the concept of a holistic life and was enthused to follow this path further. He attended and graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where he was named class valedictorian attributed to his leadership, positive life direction and dedication to the intense program he had undertaken.

While in the midst of this schooling Shane began noticing the correlation with the improved speed of his personal rebuilding from the abuse he had done to himself via alcohol and drugs. He attributes this to the individualized plan that he created for himself to support the healing of past transgressions through whole foods and increased therapeutic doses of natural supplementation. Thus Whole Life Balance had its first inspiration.

Whole Life Balance’s approach is unique and pioneering because we speak to the root problems of poor nutrition with an individualized method.

“We have invested countless hours on drug pathology and have developed protocols specific to the client’s needs.” This has led to a fast expansion of Whole Life Balance with offices in California and Toronto. “We quickly have expanded our client list to not only traditional addictions but also those with a lifestyle that requires that specialized attention.” Shane is also a Co-Active Life Coach and has molded that into the program at Whole Life Balance; combining these two modalities has proven to be a successful approach to support and nurture clients. “We encourage our clients to be the best version of themselves they can be.” Shane also uses his valuable life story to serve as motivation and is often requested for speaking engagements.