wlb Kaye Penaflor

Meet Kaye. Certified Vinyasa and Aerial yoga teacher, she is the founder of yoga lifestyle brand, kaye.yoga. She is also host and producer of TV show Live Breathe Yoga on Filipino TV and the kaye.yoga youtube channel. She has a passion for dance, particularly Filipino folk dance – she is a principal dancer for contemporary neo-Filipino folk dance troupe, Hataw and principal dancer turned Executive Administrator for Canada’s second oldest traditional Filipino folk dance troupe Folklorico Filipino Canada.

A special note from Kaye: “Everyone is drawn to yoga for different reasons and I love being a part of that journey. Yoga entered my life in 2006 when my friends opened up their first studio in Toronto. I took classes until it became my favourite “me time” activity. It’s been 10 years since I began my love affair with yoga and I’m happy to say the relationship grows even stronger as years pass. Looking forward to learning and sharing more about this ancient tradition in this modern world.”