wlb britt mcquarrie

Brit is a certified Holistic Health Coach that specializes in helping you achieve the best version of yourself through all things health and fitness. She is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), certified by “Yoga Alliance” as a yoga instructor, certified by the Poliquin Group as a personal trainer and she is also a certified level 2 reiki practitioner.

Brit is from Toronto, Canada but packed up and moved to Hong Kong 7 years ago for a 3 month work contract. 3 months turned into 6 years of travel, life adventures and meeting some of the most amazing people and friends that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. After 4 years in Hong Kong she ended up in Bali where she fell back into what she was truly meant to be doing-helping others.

Brit started to envision all the hows and whys of life.  She needed changes, she wanted to feel more alive and she wanted a  healthier lifestyle. This is where her true life’s calling began

Brit began to let go of the things that no long served her and instead focused on the things that did.  “We all know that the most important things in life are our health, happiness, family, friends and giving back but we tend to lose sight of that in our hectic lifestyles”

For the next 2 years Brit concentrated on taking care of her body, mind and soul. She studied Personal Training, Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing and Nutritional Health Coaching.  

Brit is over the moon to to be back in Canada and sharing all of her new found knowledge with you!  

“I’m so excited to be joining the Whole Life Balance team and I look forward to meeting so many new faces!”